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SPECTRUM IZO – double glazed units for windows, glass curtain-wall, inside and outside glass construction.

Double glazed units have the capacity to improve insulation function of a window system. Compared to traditional monolithic glazing with clear glass even the simplest version of double glass unit is able to reduce by 50% the thermal transfer rate. Additionally, glass may be combined with different special multi-functional layers (colored, LowE and reflective) that can improve the thermal balance and meet all the demands expected from it.

SPECTRUM IZO double-glazing consists of two or more lights of glass separated by chambers filled with air or inert gas through bended spacer containing a desiccant and sealed by a double layer of moisture proof sealing (butyl and bi-component polyurethane).
This product provides a lot of benefits as:
• reduction in consumption of heating/cooling energy
• the room side face of the glazing remains at near ambient temperature ,no frost on the inside of the windows
• during winter : solar energy gain through glazing system providing insulation to keep heat in
• during summer : keep excessive heat from the sun out of the building

Any modern glazing has to prove excellent thermal insulation qualities while allowing the entry of the necessary sunlight into the building (with benefits on passive heat gain).

European standard refers to double glazing starting with two 4mm glass panes, a chamber of 16mm filled with argon , U value of 1,2 W/sm.K and sound proof value Rw=32dB.

Our company is oriented to producing glazing designed to assure maximal heat insulation but also simultaneously a high value on light transmission – double glazing units consisting of either two or three float glass panes coated with metal layers and then filled with inert gas.

LowE => low-energy glass

Spectrum Industries has the ability to process any demanded type of LowE glass (soft 1.0);Super LowE (1.0);LowE 1.1NT; LowE²- excellent quality in ensuring a perfect energy balance and a pleasant exceptional appearance

– large glass surface coated by ultra-fine precious metallic layers
– transparency and uniformity

Ug=1.1 ; 1.2W/sm.K => low energy transfer 

Depending on structure and raw glass our insulated glass offers the customer freedom to select many different light transmission performance, solar control and aesthetic characteristics to complete their project.


Solar control glass – insulating glass comprised of one or two sheets of body-tinted glass (bronze, green, grey) or reflective special sun protection coated glass (gold, silver, bronze) => save money on cooling energy during summer for expansive glass surfaces. A thermal stress test is recommended to determine if necessary to temper one or both glass sheets and reduce thermal brake risks.

Thermal insulation glass – double (multiple) pane insulating glass incorporating Low E coated glass ,filled with inert gas (Argon, Xenon); perfect balance between an outstanding heat conservation level (U-value) and low total energy transmittance (g value)
– the lower the U-value, the lower the heat loss through glazing system
– the lower the U-value, the more efficient the insulation
– better the window, more money save

Sound-proof glazing – sound-proof insulating glass
– larger gap
– asymmetrical construction (different glass thickness outside/inside)
– special gas filling
– standard laminated panes / laminated panes using sound-proofing foils

Multifunction glazing – multiple advantages glazing
– heat protection
– solar control
– safety
– sound-proofing
– variety of colours, thus providing an additional architectural design feature

Structural glazing units (symmetrical or two, four-sided stepped construction)

Sealing: structure silicone system Dow- Corning

Sunshade insulation glass (Venetian blind systems incorporated – electrically or manually operated) – for solar and light control, intimacy


Spacer (mm)

Minimum width

Latime maxima

Maximum width

Minimum height














Minimum angle 12 grade

Special glazing: latticework, stained glass, light-diffusing plates inside insulating glass; bullet-proof glazing; special glazing allowing installation of tubes-connecting systems through etc.


SPECTRUM IZO – features

Type of glass (raw material):
clear float; body-tinted; pyrolytic glass, hard coated reflective glass; magnetron semi-hard coated reflective glass; multifunction (selective coated) magnetron soft coated glass. Depending on functionality the basic glass ma terials can be processed before transforming to insulating glass units (toughening, laminating, bending, screen-printing, fire protection substance application between the panes, installation of solar control and safety films)

Primary sealing: butyl

Secondary sealing: polyurethane or silicone (structure glazing)

Gas filling : Argon or Krypton. Depending on type of gas filling (Argon , Krypton-much more expensive – or mixtures) we can achieve an Ug value of 0,5 W/sm.K and sound insulation index up to Rw=50dB

Maximum size: 10000 mm x 2530 mm. Maximum thickness per unit => upon request

Standard: in conformity with SR EN 1279 (double glaze units)

Ug value = 0,5 – 1,2 W/sm.K

g </ = 30% (with selective coated glass) => excellent energy balance => low costs on cooling energy

Tolerances: meet the requirements of standard tolerances label (read as pdf)  

Altitude: transport or installation of double glass units over 800 m altitude should be mentioned on order- special valve systems mounted to meet the requirements for pressure balance on different altitude levels

Installation: correct installation of insulating units (an appropriate sealant should be used to seal the glazing to the frame) and adequate drainage are very important to avoid premature deteriorating of glass and maintain warranty liability. We strongly recommend our customers to follow the guidelines for manipulating, storing, mounting and maintenance work.