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Soundproofing glass


Technology development is permanently connected to increased noise and air pollution level. Noise is a cause of illness. People living and working in residential and commercial areas are affected by noise-related stress .Higher densities of commercial and residential building close to freeways, airports and busy urban centres (busy streets, construction work, and mobile telephone) make the control of noise pollution an increasingly important consideration in architecture.

SPECTRUM FONO – intelligent function glass for a discreet surrounding. The range of our acoustic insulation glass is designed to cope with various types of noises of different intensity, up to noise reduction of 54dB, while standard insulating glass goes up to 28dB.

We use four basic solutions and their combinations when designing protection against noise:

Monolithic sound control laminated glass
– multiple layers of materials ( two or more glass sheets and laminate PVB- foil with improved acoustic dampening properties ) re particularly effective with regard to sound screening ( noise attenuation) and the rest integrity of the element in the event of damage, acting also as a safety glass construction.

Acoustic double glass unit – asymmetry of glass sheets
-ex. 4mm + 6 mm can improve the acoustic performance of the glazing surface by dampening resonance effects (about 60%)

Double glass units with wider gap between the sheets
Many options for combination with heat insulation, sun protection and forced-entry protection

Application of acoustic-insulating gas inside double glass units

Table of minimum soundproofing figures to determine the best type of soundproof glass for the purpose:

Laminated glass with sound control PVB



11 mm

38 dB

 14 mm 

40 dB

19 mm 

41 dB

23 mm 

43 dB

Acoustic insulating glass

  Unit structure

Ug (W/mpK)

Rw (dB)

6 float /16/:?4 Ar



 8/16/:4 Ar 



9 (A1)16:4 Ar



6:/12/8 tempered laminated glass (Ar)



10/20/:4 Ar