Spectrum Industries

Laminated glass

Glass was normally used to allow natural light to enter an area, or for purely decorative purposes but always considered to be too delicate to face the broader issues of safety and structural integrity. New technologies in glass production and processing enable glass to contradict this prejudice, allowing both practical and inspired solutions for building design. Today’s laminated safety glass was born from research conducted to find a material that could be manufactured efficiently into automobile windshields.The use of laminated glass quickly spread to architecture, helping safely fulfill the most audacious ideas in designing glass buildings.

Laminated glass, a high performance glazing material, is the only glass to provide durability, functional benefits as energy and sound control, while at the same time preserving the aesthetic appearance demanded by modern architecture. Laminated glass is specially designed to remain integral in the opening should glass damage occur.

SPECTRUM LAMI – is made of two or more sheets of glass which are bonded together under heat and pressure to form a single piece with one or more layers (clear, patterned and pigmented, sound-proof and UV-proof treated).We are able to supply laminated glass using standard thickness interlayer of 0,38 / 0,76/ 1,5 mm or customized upon request ; bending strength over 20N/smm and high elasticity up to 250%. Once sealed together, the glass “sandwich” behaves as a single unit that may crack upon impact, but the glass fragments tend to adhere to the protective interlayer reducing the risk of personal injury by keeping the glass intact within the frame until replacement works.

In high risk areas we recommend the use of laminated in multi-ply configuration – tempered or heat strengthened glass and annealed float glass. Laminated made of heat strengthened glass is the necessary product for overhead and traffic area glazing, because the glass is retained in the opening, even when broken, reducing the possibility of injury from falling glass.

For insulating glass units, it is recommended to heat strengthen the outboard glass ply

We can produce laminated glass from:
– annealed float glass
– fully tempered / heat strengthened glass
– patterned glass
– body tinted glass
– coated glass
– screen printed / enameled glass
– bended glass

Natural disasters: laminated glazing can help provide higher protection in case of earthquake, hurricane, storm, compared to any traditional glazing system, avoiding personal injury and property damage from flying glass.